Indoor Firearm Training Range

New Range Pricing Effective June 1st

  • Maximum of 2 people 18 or older per lane
  • Persons ages 10-20 must be accompanied by someone 21 or older
  • Second person on a lane cost $5

Neuse Sport Shop Indoor Firearm Training Facility - Kinston, NC

  •  You can pay by the day at $25.00 per day or purchase one of the memberships below with discounted daily rates.
  • Gun Rentals will be available

  • 8-lanes fixed position shooting stalls with Granulated Backstop.
  • Automatic Target retrieval system with maximum target distance of 25 yards.
  • Gauged for up to a 50 Caliber BMG ammunition.
  • Conditioned Air Ventilation system designed and tested at industry Standards.
  • Maximum number of individuals per lane is two with only one firearm in use per lane at a time.
    • Observer with shooter is required to sign waiver and complete safety process, but are not charged for time.
    • Second shooter in a lane will be charged a $5.00 for range time.
  • Firearm Range hours are deducted one hour at a time.
  • Gun Rentals will be available.
    •  Gun Rentals will only be available if the renter attends the range with at least one additional participant. The attendees may use separate lanes.


AR-15 pistols and rifles are allowed on Tuesday nights
from 4pm - 9pm. Allowed ammo is .223, 5.56 and
300 blackout. Absolutely no tracer rounds or steel core
ammo allowed. All ammo used on AR nights must be
purchased from Neuse Sport Shop.


Neuse Sport Shop Indoor Archery Training Range

  • You can pay by the hour at only $8 per lane hour.
  • 5-lanes fixed position firing line.
  • Adjustable Target distances up to 20 yards.
  • Heated and Air Conditioned range.
  • Maximum number bows in use per lane is one.
  • Archery Range hours may be deducted a half hour at a time.




Lane Rates

Not ready to sign up for a membership? Not a problem! You can pay as you walk-in. 



Membership Packages


 Maximum time per use is one hour per lane. Packages expire a year from the date of purchase.
*A $20.00 Value, Recurs Monthly | **A $40.00 Value, Recurs Monthly




  • Each Pass is a Family Pass. The Pass may be used by members within one household.
    • Up to 4 members of a given household, two adults and up to two children 21 years old or younger.
      • All participants under the age of 21 must be accompanied in the lane with a parent or guardian.
    • Photo ID needed to access use of Passes.
  • Free Gun rental use is based on availability.
    • Ammo for Range Guns must be purchased from Neuse Sport Shop.
  • All spent brass is the property of Neuse Sport Shop. For safety and health reasons we do not allow Brass Retrieval by customers.
    • No reloaded ammunition may be shot in our range.
  • Membership Rules Subject to change without prior written notice.

Supplemental & Prepatory Information

Prepare yourself for your first visit to the Indoor Firearm Training Range with the following supplemental information.
You will be required to review and accept the terms of these documents upon your first visit to the Range.

Range Rules
Range Waiver
Range Test
Range Introduction Video